Accelerated Mobile Pages on Google SERP

Google is investing tremendous resources to promote the adoption of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on the internet. Although Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has stated that AMP is not presently a ranking signal, he did not rule out it becoming one if the majority of sites implement it. 

Once a significant number of news websites moved over to AMP, Google demarcated those results in the News Box. Between Sept. 19-20, 2016, Google added the AMP symbol to organic search results on the SERP. 

Remarketing + How To Use It

Graphic picturing the word retargeting

Also called retargeting, Google remarketing is the technology that enables your Google Ads to follow potential customers as they move across the internet. When a user visits your website, a small snippet of code on your website adds them to a remarketing list. Then when they visit another website that uses the Google Ad network, they are served your ad. Google allows you to customize who sees your remarketed ads. For example, you can prioritize new or returning customers.

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